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2009 AGM

The National Executive council met on 21st september 2009 and deliberated on the Fifth Annual General Meeting of GWOSA. The EXCO decided to tentatively fix the next AGM to take place between Friday 1st and Sunday 3rd January 2010 at GSS Gwoza.

All members are advised to attend as crucial issues, including elections, will be discussed.

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the AGM ,please contact us by phone or email.


Below are the itinerary for the 5th AGM

Day 1: Friday 1st Jan. 2010

  •            Arrival and registration of members

  •            welcome cocktail, Gala nite featuring Police band and Musicals (oldies)


Day 2: Saturday 2nd Jan 2010

  •   7.30 am:      Breakfast

  •   9.00 am:     Courtesy call on HRH, The Emir of Gwoza

  •   10.00 am:  

                        - Opening ceremony

                        - Inspection/Commissioning of GWOSA projects (Computers and Borehole)

                       - Tour of the Institution

  • Annual General Meeting begins


  1. opening prayers

  2. President's opening remarks

  3. Annual report by the secretary General

  4. Minutes of 2007 AGM

  5. Minutes of 2008 AGM

  6. Financial report by the Financial Secretary

  7.    Appointment of electoral Committee

  8. Dissolution of EXCO

  9. Elections

  10.  Swearing in of new EXCO by the Legal Adviser

  11.  Acceptance speech by the President-Elect

  12. A.O.B.

  13. Closing prayers   

  •   01.30 pm: Lunch break

  •  02.30 pm: AGM continues

  •  04.30 pm: Novelty Football match

  •  07.00 pm:   - Annual Dinner

                      - Gala Nite

Day 3: Sunday 3rd Jn. 2010

  • 07.30 am:  - Breakfast

                                 - Departure